Red baby boy boots
Red leather baby boy boots sole
Red leather baby boy boots side
Toughtek rubber sole
Lambs wool insert option

Red Stompers Baby Boots

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Soft sole boots for baby boys and baby girls in red leather with the option of black double suede soles or toughtek rubber soles for toddler sizes. These leather baby and toddler boots are very sturdy and are suitable to wear indoors or outdoors. **PLEASE measure your child's feet before ordering.
* Non-slip soft suede soles enabling small developing feet to flex and feel the ground, perfect for first walkers.
* Our baby shoes are designed to slip on with ease and stay on.
* Natural, safe, quality leather which breathes, suitable for all seasons.
* Designed and handmade in my home studio in Western Australia.
* All our soft sole baby shoes are made to order for your child.

* Please trace around your child's foot on paper whilst on a firm surface, then measure your drawing from big toe to heel.
* Add up to 1cm in length longer than your measurement to allow for growth. Even though your toddler may be turning 12 months, we have found in numerous cases the 8-12 months size has been adequate.

4-8 mths: sole length = 11.5 cm/ 4.5 inches
8-12 mths: sole length = 13 cm/ 5.1 inches
12-18 mths: sole length = 14 cm/ 5.5 inches
18-24 mths: sole length = 15 cm/ 5.9 inches
2 - 3 yrs: sole length = 16.5 cm/ 6.4 inches

I highly recommend choosing Toughtek for the soles of your toddlers shoes. Toughtek is a water resistant, grip type fabric which is made out of polyester with a textured rubber coating. It is very soft and flexible for first walkers and more importantly non-slip.

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